Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Making Christmas ornaments

I got an idea to make Christmas ornaments through a random website.  It required some felt fabric and I thought... IKEA!  The ornament actually required 3 different colors but I ended up buying an entire blanket with snow prints instead.  This way I could make snow ornaments as well!  But first, lots of cutting.  Graham participated:
So did Charlie. All hands on deck!
And then, having to sew the snow flakes together and stuff them so it would be just that little bit puffy:
Charlie wanted to learn how to sew :-)
Tada! Yes, Charlie still has his Leo:
Now, for some personalizing.  I discovered that you could actually make alphabets with bracelet looms. Who knew!
It took me 3 tries just to finally make this 'A'!
Hmm... not liking it so much like this:
Ahh.... that's much better! Not too shabby, eh?! :-D
The only thing about these Christmas ornaments is there is lots and lots of cutting! 7 different sizes starting from 1/2" and increasing by a quarter inch each time.  Phew!!!  Too bad the boys weren't too interested by then to help me cut up these squares.  Perhaps I will have to bribe them for the next ornament-making session :-)

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