Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Last night, we had dinner in the patio area of the golf club as I wanted to take some photos of the moon.  Supposedly, the moon or "Supermoon" as it's called - was at its closest to earth last night and this phenomena won't happen again until 2034.  We had to wait until dark so a few photos before that:

This clubhouse is quite stunning:
Our new favorite drink - banana milkshake. YUM!!!
I really don't know when Graham started smiling like that!
Some fighter jets flying by tonight. I think they were practicing for the upcoming National Day in December:
Sunset colors by the clubhouse:
Bobby with Graham:
Bobby with Charlie:
The sun finally set and here is the Supermoon!  The palm tree was in the way, but actually turned out pretty neat!
Graham's attempt with the big camera and the zoom lens:
Charlie's attempt. Haha!
Let Mommy a.k.a. the pro take care of it :-)
A little fun with the moon in the parking lot:
Too funny :-)
One last look before the next 18 years for another Supermoon! 

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