Sunday, November 13, 2016

Charlie loves to draw

Charlie is quite the artist!  Here was his interpretation of the Rainbow fish in school. I was very impressed!
And then, at home - he drew another family portrait but this time, in butterflies. Daddy, of course was the bigger blue butterfly this time.  Mommy is the tiny one on the left, Charlie to the right, and Graham is at the bottom.  Too cute!  And that's a little multi-colored heart to the left.
And here is Charlie's puppy,... or should I say "Chalie".  He is able to write his own name now but he keeps forgetting his r's!  Bobby spelled out "puppy" for him and he wrote it all by himself:
Now, if we can only work on his potty skills.  This is what I get for sleeping in during the weekend!
If it was any consolation, he did tell me that he didn't poop in his pants.  Can't win with this kid!

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