Monday, November 14, 2016

Charlie's cavity finally fixed!

Again, I am so SO proud of Charlie!  He did not hesitate one bit when the dentist asked him whether he could get up on the chair.  And after filling up the other side of his molars, the doctor decided we had some extra time to finally fix up his cavity.  I was so happy because that meant we didn't have to come back (at least not for a little while longer)!  We brought Leo the Leopard along, of course :-)

What a brave Charlie! He didn't even flinch with that big needle:
Charlie kept doing something funny with his tongue in and around his mouth when we were done.  I bet that numb feeling must have really felt weird to him that first time.  Nonetheless, no complaints!  And he did so well that the doctor gave him another "Happy Tooth" pin!  This time, it had flashing lights. So fancy! Charlie was more than thrilled!
Obviously Charlie didn't feel any pain after the dental visit because about a couple of hours later, we were already eating ice cream :-)
Hopefully we won't have another dental visit for a while. We have racked up quite a few bills.  Phew! And hopefully the insurance won't take too long to reimburse us. Would be nice to have it in time for Christmas.
Hooray again for Charlie!!!

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