Tuesday, November 8, 2016

All Graham wants for Christmas is...

His 2 front teeth!  Well, Graham has dropped 2 teeth in the last couple of weeks!  It's his upper left central incisor and also upper left lateral incisor.  I'm looking at diagrams of the teeth anatomy and looks like these lateral ones aren't suppose to drop until ages 7-8 and Graham is only 6 years old!

Anyhow, the poor tooth fairy has obviously been very busy in this household lately - to a point that she has forgotten not one, but two nights in a row.  Oops! We have been telling Graham that it's been sort of windy outside and the tooth fairy has been struggling to fly in :-)
I don't know how this kid eats or talks these days but he is managing really well!
By the way, the tooth fairy was very generous and gave 2 coins per tooth this time. I guess she was feeling quite guilty about being so late :-)

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