Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kamil and Leo

It was Graham's turn to finally bring Kamil the Camel home for the weekend!  Unfortunately, poor Graham had such a high fever:
Oh, before the hugging came the washing!
The next day when Graham felt a little better, we took a little drive to a friend's house.  They wanted to borrow our crib - I know, still have it!  But it's just in the boys' playroom:
In return, lots of new jigsaw puzzles and books. Quite the swap!
Next day, temperature is down even further and we are all able to go out and watch the Trolls movie.
What a cute movie!  I think Kamil enjoyed it too:
At the very end, the boys were dancing to the credits with some other kids. Haha!
Charlie on the other hand, got quite obsessed about drawing camels.  Quite creative, I have to say!
Charlie is still quite attached to Leo.  He made a bed for him the other day, with wooden dominoes :-)
Oh, can't forget his blankie!
And a portrait of Leo as well:
Charlie spotted another stuffed animal at the mall after the movie and is already asking for it.  I told him to write to Santa!

Graham had to finally write his part in the Adventure book for Kamil at the beginning of the week. I wish he loved to write just that little bit more!

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