Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy National Day!

Graham and Charlie's school celebrated National Day this past Thursday.   We picked the boys up early from their classroom and I got to bust out my Abaya for the afternoon. Haven't worn it for a while now.  I still don't know how the local women do it.  It didn't take me long to start sweating in the 33C/91F weather!  Thankfully, we found a shady spot for a quick lunch:
For some reason, Charlie has started to do silly faces while we take photos.  At this moment, he was doing some sort of Zombie thing. Ha!

After lunch, it was quickly to the main stage in the grassy area where Charlie sang the "7 Emirates " song with the rest of his year.  And then, we just roamed around the displays, which included the boys' class art work.  This one is from Charlie's class:
And this one was Graham's class effort.  Pretty neat!
And then, Sand Art.  The boys love this stuff!!!
You basically pick out a print and then, you peel off little patterned pieces bit by bit and pour different colored sand onto the sticky surfaces:
Charlie's print wasn't too complicated so he was done pretty quickly:
And obviously waiting is not Charlie's thing, so we moved on to something else rather quickly.  He painted a new cap with some UAE colors - a map of UAE on the cap's bill and then a palm tree on the top/button of the cap. Charlie loves palm trees!
I think it turned out quite well!  Just have to make sure the cap never gets wet. Otherwise, I am guessing that paint will probably just smear. Wish us luck!  Hmmm... good thing it hardly ever rains in Abu Dhabi! :-)
Graham is finally done with his Sand Art!  This seems to be his new "smile":
A few more minutes with tug-of-war, and we head home:
It is actually Thanksgiving today and I need to finish up cleaning and cooking for our guest!

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