Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy birthday Bobby!

As we are still trying to finish up Graham's birthday cake, here's another birthday celebration for Bobby!  It was earlier this week on May 30th.  Again, I've been a little slow in updating my blog.  Seem to be so busy somehow!

Anyway,  I was going to try and make him a blueberry pie but the timing just didn't work out so well.  Hopefully the dumplings and lots of garlic made up for it!
Time to sing for Daddy!
The boys both made cards for Daddy.  We still need to work on Graham's spelling. He wrote "happy boithday" and instead of writing "Daddy", somehow he decided to write out "Bob"!  That was too funny when I saw that.  And now it's always "I lava you" based on a Disney song :-)
Charlie on the other hand, made a card where he had cut slits on one side (like a comb) and colored on the other side with a variety of colors.  Recently, he keeps telling us that he is an "artist". Too cute!

I couldn't really figure out what to give Bobby this year.  But while I was shopping for Graham's present, I came across this tin.  I figured it would be perfect for him. Perhaps a hint to clean up his side of the study/dining table ;-)
Love you lots from your wifey and boys!!!  XOXOX

And another birthday coming up next week - MINE! The countdown begins... 8 more days to 40!

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