Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello Singapore! Part 2

Our adventure in Singapore continues on the next day.  Everyone slept so well so we were more than ready to start our day. But before that, time to hit the breakfast buffet!  Let's see if you can figure out who had what:
Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2

Breakfast #3

Breakfast #4

Well, it's probably not that difficult to guess mine - the most Asian one. Who drinks soup in the morning??? Haha! So obviously #4 for me, #1 was Bobby, #2 was Charlie and the all meat/sausage plate was Graham.

After breakfast, we headed outside to hail a taxi.  OMG!!! RAIN!!!
I decided to just change the boys into the swim gear as there's actually a splash park at the Singapore Zoo. But looks like the whole of Singapore is a splash park today! The rain got heavier as we got closer to our destination:
The boys and their maps again!
Thankfully, there was another section of the zoo called River Safari.  It's worked out perfectly during the rain because the pathways were all covered:
I had brought an extra camera for Graham so he could take some photos for a school assignment. Momma thinking ahead! ;-)
Photo op for the boys but Charlie was upset about something. It's so funny how he would droop his head and shoulders like that!
Although the River Safari park was smaller, it did not disappoint!
There was a huge lake in the middle of the park. Graham was a bit nervous walking too close to the edge of it:
Quick visit to the potty before lunch.  There was actually a mini urinal in the ladies toilet. How convenient! And I love these outdoor sinks - a kid-size one too!
I don't know how the Panda bear is part of the River Safari, but it is.  Photo op! Too bad Bobby wasn't around to join us:
And there it is... sleeeeepy Panda.  Look at its huge enclosure! Well, at least I thought it was huge. And cozy too. It was air-conditioned. I would be sleeping too! :-)
The zoo even had Panda red-bean "pau" or buns.  Yummy!  Or at least I thought it was yummy.  Graham did not even touch it. He did eat 4 out of the 5 chicken nuggets (so American, Haha!) and Charlie ate a variety of other things including fried lotus root chips and a few bites of the pau. At least one of the boys is still a little Asian :-)
Charlie was just an inch too short to get on the river boat.  I had him tippy-toe but the attendant was quite strict.  Oh well... it probably would have delayed our trip back to the hotel so that actually worked out for the better:
2 hours later we are in the final display.  It's a good thing we didn't do the bigger/actual side of the zoo, it would have taken us too long!  Like I said, this place did not disappoint. The manatees were amazing!
Ok, back to the hotel to clean up, pack, and off to the airport.  Last photo op with the miniature Merlion.  Yup, we've lost Graham again!
This airport is amazing. So green with plants and lots of orchids, and of course the boys loved the fish pond:
Always handy to have baby strollers at airports!
7 hours later on the plane, we are back in Abu Dhabi.  See what I mean about having baby strollers available at airports??!
Loved Singapore!!!

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