Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rome - Last day

Our final day in Rome.  Daddy is finally able to join us on the outing today.  Yay!  We set off on the 10am bus again into the city.  But first, brush teeth!
Charlie is able to, for the most part, brush his own teeth. He can also floss (most of) his teeth!

As usual, nap time on the bus!
Graham was happy looking out the window with his little wooden Pinocchio in his hand.
What a cute little car:
Once we got off our bus stop, we start walking along the river towards the Vatican.  There's a bridge that crosses over to a little island in the city, Isola Tiberina:
I just noticed something after looking at this photo below more carefully. During our walk through this little island town, I spotted a nice blue handbag. You can almost see it to the bottom left where Bob and Graham is walking.  Thankfully we had a few minutes to spare on our way back to bargain with the street vendor.  Happy Mommy! :-D
Here's the river. It's too bad we didn't figure out where to hop on and off the boat rides. That would have been a lot easier than walking! And somehow the boys complained more about walking while their daddy was around. Go figure!
We spotted a vending machine selling beer!
More of those little Smart cars. I love how this one is parked!!!
"My legs are getting tired...!"
Looks like the tourist started something here with the padlocks by the bridge:
A quick view of Castel Sant' Angelo:
The Vatican!  Ahhhh.... so tired!  Barely an hour into our journey:
I guess that means lunch time!
What can I say... I love tomato & mozzarella! And the boys had penne with meat sauce. Funny but somehow the spaghetti almost always comes with clams or clam sauce. I don't think the boys would eat that!
And gelato after, of course!
Tiramisu for me, of course. What else!
Back on track!  We're getting closer to St. Peter's Basilica:
The boys are obviously having more fun with Daddy out and about with us!
Of course, Charlie had to do the same:
The Vatican's post office.  After the fact, I knew I should have gone inside to see it!
Looks like Bobby is "tied down" a little:
Graham and Charlie are finally back on their feet and we finally figure out where the entrance is.  Wow... spectacular!!!  I seem to be saying a lot of that during this trip! The gold trimming on the ceiling really does shine throughout the entire place:
A look at the alter:
Family we-fie!  This seems to be a new thing now with us, where we place the camera on the floor. And I can see that we are all holding hands too.  Love it!
I'm glad the boys are just as intrigued as us with these massive and amazing structures:
One last look as we exit the Basilica:
One last chance for Bobby to practice his imaginary speech to "the people":
That's it for the day!
Time to walk back to the bus.  What is it with boys and sticks??!
We request for a late check-out at the hotel.  In order to kill some more time, the boys convinced Daddy in getting them some Legos.  They probably didn't even need to try very hard!
Instead of Legos, Mommy got chocolates (I sort of wanted the metal tin more than the chocolate :-) and biscotti:
Good bye, Rome!  Hope to see you again!

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