Sunday, June 19, 2016

The big 40th birthday!

Yes... no more 30s!  I've now hit the new milestone of being a 40 year old this past June 12th.  It's funny but I used to think that my mom was old when she was in her 40s and I was a teenager.  Speaking of my mom, it's her anniversary today.  It was 9 years ago when she left us.  I browsed through some photos and found this one, taken in 1981. She's the one to the left, with my aunt and cousin.  Mom was 31 years old then.
I had only just gotten married when I was 31 and how things have changed since then.  I'm now a mother of 2 boys.  Sometimes I feel like it's 3 boys - yes, Bobby being the biggest one. Ha ha! Sorry, honey! ;-)

My birthday started really nicely with a lovely breakfast with Charlie and a dear friend Judy.  It was my first time at this restaurant.  Yummy smoothies!
I was not expecting a Pandora bracelet as a birthday gift. It's only been a week since wearing it and I've already added two new charms - a camel and the Colosseum (to be explained later!):
Thank you again, Judy. You are such a wonderful friend!
Later in the day, Bobby came home early and was busy in the kitchen.  The boys were baking me a cake.  Looks like everything is under control!
While they were waiting to decorate the cake, Graham and Charlie decided to "decorate" themselves first with some body art paint:
Okay, time to decorate the cake!  I was not allowed in the kitchen so I had no idea that this was happening:
I cracked up when I saw this photo.  Too funny!
So the crown is actually for me.  Happy birthday, Mommy!
And looks like the boys want to decorate me too!
Time for balloons!
And here's Bobby attempting to make an animal balloon.  The boys were already covering their ears, which was actually a good idea because that balloon did pop!
Family photo op!  The hallway by the bedroom was the only clutter-free place in the apartment :-)

And oh, if you're wondering what else the boys got for my birthday, here goes...
Yes, it's a farting mirror.  Charlie was cracking up as you can clearly see as Graham was taking the video.  Definitely a birthday to remember!!!  Love all my boys! XOXOX

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