Monday, June 13, 2016

Charlie our Artist!

Charlie has been calling himself an "Artist" lately.  And you can probably see why here. He gets into these moods where he will just sit and paint! It's a good thing we have a long hallway for him to dry his "work":
Charlie said this "splatter" one was for me. I was very impressed but at the back of my mind, I was really wondering if there was splatter anywhere else!!!
He called this one "Shapes".  Shapes is right!
And I think he gets really excited and happy about being able to hang up his artwork as well:
So focused!
And so meticulous at times:
See what I mean??!!
It really makes you wonder what Charlie will become when he grows up!

By the way, Charlie also made this little flower with these bead-like things.  Once you have created the pattern, in this case a yellow flower, you iron it to melt all the beads so they stick together.  Charlie and I found this ladybug at the local supermarket. It was part of the packaging for some fancy Italian soap (yes, fancy indeed!).  Anyhow, one of these ladybugs had dropped off (no, we didn't pull it off the packaging!) so we "borrowed" it :-)  I had a magnets and decided to glue it all together to make myself a golf ball marker.
I love it!  It helps especially if I have a long putt and need to see where my ball is.  Although I guess I do need to try and hit the ball closer to the hole and hopefully the bumpy ladybug won't be in anyone's way!

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