Saturday, June 4, 2016

Recent happenings

Let's see... I finally picked up that dead bird that was on the balcony by the guestroom.  It's a good thing we haven't had any guest lately!  I'm guessing the hawk had something to do with this one:
Graham recently had a Swimming Gala at his school.  Unfortunately, Charlie and I were not able to stay as Charlie had to attend his nursery graduation.  In any case, we weren't actually allowed to take any photos or videos.  Thankfully Bobby was there to cheer on.  When it was Graham's turn, he used a floating device and kicked the entire length of the pool. I was curious how this Gala was going to work because Graham doesn't really know how to swim.  I'm so proud of him for finishing his lap despite being last because he later told me that he has never actually done that before!
Charlie, our artist - has been at it again.  He drew this one all by himself!  Okay, I helped him with the one bird (to the right, beneath the sun), but that was it!  He drew everything else - our house with windows and stairs inside, the tree, grass, butterflies, and the sun :-)
And a little bit of golf with the ladies on Tuesday.  This past week was a scramble called "The Greenkeepers' Revenge".  No joke! The tee-box was actually set up with the cart path running in between it. And actually, on this hole, we were aiming at a flag with a closed/fake hole.  The actual hole was about 20ft further up and right and they had used one of those little training holes/cups. Stinkers!
This was another funny one - on a Par 3.  Having to hit over the people-mover to get to the flag on the green.
Our team managed to come in 3rd.  Hooray! :-)

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