Friday, June 10, 2016

Family art session

As an early birthday present, I wanted to have the boys paint out their names in Arabic.  Coincidentally, I met a friend at a "Mom's night out" a couple of years back who is an artist/art teacher.  So it was the perfect opportunity to do some painting at her home!

The boys were very excited to get started.  Acrylic paint on canvas:
Letting it dry before we write/paint out the names.  Thankfully it doesn't take very long with this summer heat!
The boys were done pretty quickly so they were able to play with some Legos while Mommy and Daddy continued on with their art piece. Yes, we did one too!  Here's our interpretation on the word "Love".
Orange/Yellow color for the sky and green for the color of the green grass/golf course of course :-)  I did have a pattern on the top left corner but didn't like how I had painted it.  So when we got home, I had the boys cut up some heart shapes and we glued those on instead.  Much better! The Arabic writing on the bottom right is our lastname in Arabic. Who knew that there is no actual "P" sound in Arabic so it's actually written as "Bridgen"!

And here are the boys' final pieces.  Love how they turned out!  Graham's name is to the left and Charlie's to the right:
Unfortunately, Graham was very unhappy about leaving so he obviously did not want to smile for the photo op with our artist friend.  Nonetheless, it was a great day while it lasted. Thanks again Panna Taher for a fun family session!

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