Friday, June 24, 2016

Recent happenings

Oh no!!! Running out of pineapple tarts.  I bought these from Singapore.  Perhaps I need to ask Bobby if we can head back to Singapore again on standby :-)
Here's Graham's "boat" that he had created, as that's what he wrote on the piece of paper. Seems like it would work!
The boys have been busy painting some clay robots for their teachers.  Sort of a end-of-school gift/fridge magnet:
Charlie seems to be so much more precise:
Yes, he is still calling himself an artist.  Here's more clay modeling and painting:
Graham on the other hand, has been working really hard with his final Home Learning paper.  Yes, you read that right - "My time machine to Rome".  As you can see, writing for Graham also means lots of erasing! I wished he would try and write more legibly. Work in progress for sure!
Last but not least, some dancing from Charlie. Graham has been doing lots of it too but somehow I didn't manage to get those on video.  Okay, here's Charlie!
He's such a character!

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