Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello Singapore! Part 1

Bob had a quick work assignment in Singapore so we decided to tag along at the last minute. There were lots of seats available so there were no issues going on standby.  Standby Economy though! The boys have been quite spoiled traveling on Business class all the time, but thankfully no complaints.
Here we go!
I think the boys settled in pretty quickly (thank goodness!).  It's too bad the entertainment system doesn't start right away when you're on the plane, unlike in Business class. I did find that quite annoying. It's sometimes a little tough to keep the kids entertained while they are already in the plane and strapped in! Yes, talk about a First World problem!
Here's Charlie trying on the ear buds.  I actually got quite nervous as he was doing this. I kept telling him that he can't put anything else in his ears other than these ear buds. So far so good!
There was a delay of over 3.5 hours so we didn't take off until 1:42am.  I'm glad the boys finally decided to just sleep during the delay! We were so close to having to de-plane. Really glad that didn't happen because otherwise, we may have just taken a taxi home since we were only going to spend 2 short days in Singapore!
7 hours later... Welcome to Singapore!  Yes, the boys and their maps:
Our flight landed at 12:40pm and once we got settled at the hotel, it was time to find some food. Chinese food, of course!  Graham struggled with the noodles as he said it was crunchy.  Charlie didn't like the bbq pork buns because it was different compared to the regular chicken ones that he normally gets in Abu Dhabi.  What am I going to do with these kids!!! Seems like they are losing whatever Chinese culture that's left in them!
Ok, time to find the Duck Tour that we signed up for in the afternoon.  Looks like there are speedy sports cars every where we go now!
Here's our Duck Tour!  It's a boat that has wheels so it can go in the water and on the road. Pretty neat!  These actual vehicles were used during the war - minus the paint job I would think :-)
Family we-fie!
Charlie was a bit scared starting out. Probably more so because it was a loud ride:
Here we go into the water... Splash!!! And according to Graham, the splash was as big as a sea monster.  HA HA!
The boat went around Marina Bay.  Impressive buildings! Here's the Marina Bay Sands (hotel and casino) with the flower-looking like ArtScience Museum to the left.
Funny enough the Marina Bay Sands looks very similar to a building here in Abu Dhabi.  Perhaps minus the largest infinity pool and Sky Park on the very top though!

And of course, the "Merlion" sighting - a symbol of Singapore.  It has a lion's head and a body of a fish. I've never actually seen it in person before so this was actually pretty cool for me:
Looks like someone is daydreaming a little!
Another look at the amazing architecture of the ArtScience Museum with the city in the backdrop:
 I wanted to go see the Gardens by the Bay but it was probably asking for too much from the kids.  It's a botanical garden spanning almost 250 acres on reclaimed land!
Seems like you can see the Sands hotel from everywhere!  By the way, I love those trees.  Love how they look and they also provide so much shade.  I'm all about shade when it's hot and humid!
Looks like we lost Charlie on the "road" tour:
Aaaahhh.... Ice milo time! YUMMY!
A high-school friend of mine works at a French restaurant so we decided to go visit her:
And as Charlie stayed awake for dinner, we lost Graham even before the entree was served:
It's too bad because he missed out on the yummy (early birthday) dessert. Thank you, Francoise! It was delicious!
To be continued...

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