Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy 6th birthday, Graham! (May22)

I can't believe our little man (previously our little peanut in my belly) is now 6 years old.  Where has the time gone!  We had a small party for him at our apartment last week.  Only invited a couple of his friends - Jasper (far left) and Seth. I know... we're obviously not big on BIG parties!
Graham said to surprise him with the cake design, so I made him a Star Wars themed cake. Thankfully he was happy with the Storm Trooper design!
I'm guessing the boys are now at the Star Wars stage. Can't go wrong with Lego gifts!
Earlier in the day, we went to the mall to go on this obstacle course that's set up in a local sports store.  Unfortunately, Graham was still too short! He's just a little over 110cm (43") tall but needed to be 120cm.  Perhaps next year then!  So the boys opted for a climbing wall instead.  Bobby got to be in the area with them too, while I watched through the glass outside the store:
Here's the smaller wall section.  Charlie got a little upset starting out but thankfully he got back into it with a little help:
And here's the bigger wall section. Graham got up pretty high but started on his descend once he realized he was too high up!
And here's Charlie making sure Daddy was safe while climbing. Too funny!
Thumbs up from the birthday boy!
By the way, here are the boys while roaming around the store while waiting for their climbing time.  I love this one of Charlie!
And Graham styling the sporty ones:
We've sort of started this tradition of video-conferencing with Grandma and Pop-pop during the boys' birthdays.  So on the actual birthday (day after the party), Graham gets to open his birthday card:
USD6 for a 6-year old and a Batman card with music!  Charlie bust out into dance right away hearing the music:
Here's the video. Too funny!
We bought a set of wooden dominoes for Graham.  It's a lot trickier than we expected!  By the way, if you're wondering why the boys have their helmets on, it's because they ride their tricycle and scooter around the dining table:
Okay, here's my attempt at the dominoes. I had the boys stay on the couch because they kept tipping them over while trying to help:
Well, it still didn't work out so well and neither did it for Bobby.  Ha ha ha!
The boys were happier with their puzzle books, I think.  Bobby did managed to line up a short one:
Seems like so much effort for a short thrill!

And here's the birthday song for the birthday boy.  I thought it was so funny seeing Charlie's expression when he wanted to sing the French version of "Happy Birthday" but Graham had already blown out his candle (on an apple pie topped with ice cream :-)  Charlie was instantly happy once we told him that he could sing again.

And finally, just a quick video of Graham reading:
It's probably a little more challenging trying to read while Charlie is messing around.  Graham's reading has definitely improved, to a point where he is also reading his math word problems:
We are so proud of him!

Next birthday is Bobby's on Monday (May 30th). It's only 3 days away and I have no idea what we have planned yet!

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