Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

I was not able to fly back to Abu Dhabi in time for Mother's Day this year.  Looks like my boys got away easy!  I'm still waiting for perhaps a card or present???  Okay, okay... I did do a lot of shopping in New Jersey and also was flown First Class here :-)

I was able to spent some quality time with my in-laws during this trip. Thank you Mom (in-law) for being such a wonderful mom and Grandma!
We had a yummy brunch at the Golf Club.  It's too bad Bobby, Graham, and Charlie weren't here to complete the photo:
And for the first time, all of us went to play a game of baseball after lunch!  Here's me, at bat:
I probably only swung the bat around 10 times or so. And somehow I think I managed to dislocate my index finger knuckle.  I did managed to put it back into place when I returned to Abu Dhabi.  I knew something was wrong when it was hurting for so many days and the unusual bump on the knuckle was probably a dead giveaway!  Well, the bump is still sort of there but at least it doesn't hurt as much anymore.  Hopefully it won't ruin my golf swing! Oh, and don't get me started with my shoulder. Gosh, I'm feeling so old!

Anyhow, here's the crew at the baseball field by the end of the day.  What a fun (and windy) day!
Many thanks to the family for a lovely Mother's Day!  The flower was lovely as well:
I obviously had to leave this gift behind. Hopefully it will be blossoming in the front yard the next time we visit. No pressure, Grandma and Pop-pop! :-)

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