Thursday, May 19, 2016

Recent happenings

Seems like a lot going on this week!  We spent some time on art using paper plates.  Graham had another "Home Learning" Creativity project to complete.  I thought these were quite creative myself.  Thank goodness for the internet!
And while we were working with paint, Graham did this one which I thought was very good. So I framed it :-)
And Charlie did this one - he said it's all 4 of us on a bridge. Nice to know he's thinking of all of us! Hopefully it's not us trying to jump off the bridge!!! :-o
And we moved Graham's desk from his bedroom into the living room.  I think it works a lot better out here since it doesn't really get used in his bedroom at all!
Charlie loves to help Graham with his homework.  I wonder when Charlie will realize that it's actually "work"!
And Charlie decided a few nights ago that he wants to sleep in Graham's room. So I had to make a few changes.  I turned Graham's bed 90 degrees and moved the trundle bed out so Charlie is on the opposite side of the headboard.  Night #2 and it seems to be working quite well!
And we finally have a bookcase in Graham's room!  Yes, it had to be red because that's his favorite color.  I'm just happy because now it's nice and neat with all the books on it vs. having books all over the floor.  Definitely worth the investment!
And finally, Rainforest Day at Graham's school today.  I gave him a few options and thankfully this one was an easy one - a turtle!  I used one of his old backpacks and shoved plastic bags in it to make bulky like a shell. Then, we covered it up with a big paper bag and used masking tape to create the pattern on the turtle's shell. Finally, the boys colored it in.  Ta da!
And oh, last but not least, we had a "visitor" lately.  How is this possible on the 6th floor of an apartment complex!?
Yes... a cricket!  Obviously we couldn't get to it because it was in the air-conditioning vent, but thankfully we haven't heard him these past couple of nights. It was obviously distracting our TV/golf time! Too bad I threw the gecko down the garbage chute a few weeks ago.  It would have been a good pet to keep, to take care of this cricket!

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