Friday, February 26, 2016

Chap Goh Mei

"Chap Goh Mei" literally translates as the 15th night of Chinese New year in Hokkien, which marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.  Somehow, the 15th day of CNY had come by so quickly!  We never had a chance to eat any dumplings, but I was finally able to make some the day after.  Bob mentioned that it would still be Chap Goh Mei in Hawaii Time Zone.  That's was good enough for me! :-)
So glad I was able to find some dumpling skin at the supermarket downstairs!
Graham actually ate a lot of them, but only the meat!
Charlie on the other hand, ate most of the skin and maybe just half of the meat.  He did enjoy the purple carrots that he had picked out earlier at the supermarket that day. Here he is counting the stems, which he had carefully lined up along the border of his plate.  Too cute!
We didn't even give the boys their Ang Pow (red packets) yet.  Charlie is obviously very excited!
And I asked Graham if he knew what "Ang Pow" meant and he said, "Ang Pow means MONEY!"
I suppose he is partially correct! Hopefully one day, Graham and Charlie will be able to celebrate CNY with my family in Malaysia.  They really miss out a lot of the tradition being away.

I'll have to figure out how to make "pau" or meat buns with all the left-over ground pork from making the dumplings.  Wish I paid more attention when my Grandma/Nai-nai was still around. Her pau's were the best! 

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