Thursday, February 4, 2016

Boys' handywork

Here is some of Graham's work from school.  His writing is improving - Yay for finger spacing! Still need to improve on his spelling but we are getting there.
"The red horse is under the pig."

I think maybe just a few art lessons, perhaps??? 
"The pig is under the horse."

In the meantime, we have just finished one of his home-learning menu projects.  We sort of combined the two suggested assignments.  The first was to create an underwater diorama (I actually had to look up the word "diorama"!) and the second was to create a collage scene of your favorite creates on Galapagos Island using as many different materials as possible.  

So...  here's our diorama of animals on Galapagos Island!  I think the trickiest one was the orange origami Iguana!
Okay... so perhaps I did help Graham (quite a bit) with this project.  It's a tough one!

I think our favorite is the Giant Tortoise, made out of a yogurt cup and paper :-)

Charlie, on the other hand, is just sticking to painting.  He loves to paint!  He drew this one all by himself the other day.  He says it's our minivan :-)
You really wonder what the boys will grow up to be!

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