Friday, February 26, 2016

Dubai Miracle Gardens

I had seen some photos of the Miracle Gardens and recently saw a friend's posting as well on Facebook.  So I figured, why not actually go see it!  It wasn't too far of a drive - just over an hour.  There are no signs directly off the freeway that we drove in on, which is probably why I have never heard of this place!  Quite an interesting entrance:
A lot of flowers everywhere!
It was quite amazing what they have done here with all the flowers:
Yup, turned over VW Beetle as a water fountain!
There were a lot of heart-shape designs on site:
Getting warm and it's only February.  Time to get the umbrella out!
More flowers!  Funny though, we only spotted 1 butterfly in the entire area!  They do have a Butterfly Farm right next door.  Perhaps the butterflies are all in there instead!
Some pretty neat sculptures/iconic buildings in the background - made out of fake oranges perhaps.
Love the upside-down umbrellas at the outdoor food court:
Time for ice-cream!
The boys love their ice-cream!
There was an amusement park next door, which the boys really wanted to go to.  I'm not exactly sure if it was actually open.  It looked rather run down.
Another item off our "To visit" list in the UAE!

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