Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kings and Queens Day at school

There seems to be so much going on at Graham's school!  Everyone played dress up for Kings and Queens Day last week.  Thankfully, I had an old cardboard box laying around and it came in very handy when I had to make Graham his shield and sword.  Of course, Charlie wanted one of everything too!
The boys made their own crowns out of paper:
All set for the day!  
I managed to fold and sew up our table runner for Graham's robe.  We have never used the runner before. I had it made for our long dining table to match our Roman shades when we ordered the drapery.  The robe wasn't the fanciest but thankfully, Graham is an easy kid to please!
And I also made a whole batch of scones for his class.  I probably could have coated the top with sugar, but I figured his teacher probably wouldn't appreciate that so much :-)
I wonder what's next??!  The school is definitely testing my creativity!

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