Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sports Day for Graham

Seems like there's so much going on at Graham's school!  Last week was International Week and now this week was Sports Day.  He's ready!... except for his hat:
Okay, now he is ready!
It was actually quite warm at 1pm.  The Sports Day was suppose to start at 8am but it was so foggy that morning! I had an umbrella in the car and funny enough, I was the only parent with one.  Charlie liked the shade from it:
I still can't get over how there's fog out here in the Middle East.  You would always just think of desert, not fog.  Anyhow... let the fun begin!  There was "javelin" throwing:
And also running around the track.  Graham fell a couple of times.  He also fell during the sprint.  He really needs to learn to pick up his feet!  He said in order to go fast, he needs to lean forward - and that's when he trips and falls. HA! That's him in the green shirt next to the big kid in red from the left.
There was also an obstacle course, which Graham did really well in!
Charlie also wanted to do the obstacle course.  I bet he can't wait to join this school!
What a fun day!

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