Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A clinic with Gary Player

Yes, I repeat - with the legend himself, Gary Player!  Also known as the Black Knight, he recently hosted the inaugural Gary Player Invitational at the Saadiyat Golf Club.  As members of the sister-club, we were invited to join his clinic prior to the event.  What an opportunity!

We had the best seats in the house - right in the very front of the bleachers (mostly because the rest of the seats were taken. Ha ha!) But looking straight into the sun!
The boys got a little bored in the middle of the clinic:
Quite the recognizable silhouette, I would say!
And here is probably my favorite picture - Mr. Player himself with the boys.  I actually wanted a photo with him but looks like now that I'm a mom, I will be the one taking the photo instead.  The boys are so lucky!
And Graham was quick to ask for his cap for an autograph.  He noticed a lot of that previously at the HSBC Championship recently and again that day at the clinic.  Well, the nearest cap was from the pro-shop so even though the signature was free, the cap wasn't!  But how can you put a price on that grin!!!
Mr. Player was very impressed with Graham's manners when he asked him for the autograph.  I was not close by during that moment but Bobby was right there and it made him feel very proud!

And during the clinic itself, I had forgotten to mention - Graham had the opportunity to talk up close and personal to Mr. Player.  He had the last question to the day... "Why do they call you the Black Night?"
And his answer was...
Well, a day to remember for sure!

Here's the skyline of Abu Dhabi on the way home from Saadiyat at dusk.  Quite the haze with the sunset!
And here are the boys completely passed out in the back!
I'm so glad they were able to meet Mr. Player.  Another highlight to go into our Memory/Adventure book!
I actually headed back to Saadiyat during the charity golf event itself two days later and managed to get a couple more of Mr. Player's signature.  One on the photo that we took of the boys (he actually recalled taking that photo) and the other on a cap for Charlie since we didn't have enough cash to get a cap for Charlie that day.
I wonder if the boys will ever remember this moment when they grow up.

Well, now we just have to figure out how to get into that pro-am next year. Where are the connections when you need one! :-)

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