Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Random pics of the boys

Just a few photos from the past couple of weeks:

Yes, we watched some of the Superbowl (American Football) early in the morning before school!
Charlie had a whole week off for the term break last week vs. just 2 days for Graham, so he had a chance to go practice some golf with Mommy.  Check out that follow-through! Need to get him to transfer that weight to his left side!
I think he enjoyed teeing up the golf balls in a row and hitting them really quickly. Too funny!
He also spent a lot of time coloring while Mommy was busy in her Fit Boxing class;
As for Graham, he's been practicing his drawing and writing at home. Corn frax anyone??? :-)
And you wonder why the boys love getting those Happy Meals so much at McDonalds.  This is one of many reasons - Transformer masks! Too cool!
And we drove by a local golf course here recently on the way to a Korean restaurant.  No, there is nothing wrong with the color scheme of your computer. The putting green is brown. It's just ALL sand!  Someday, Bob and I will have to come out here and play!
Something about these metal chopsticks that the boys really liked at the Korean restaurant!
Anything Graham does, Charlie has to try it out too!
Never a dull moment with these boys!

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