Thursday, February 4, 2016

Charlie is 3 1/2 years old!

Can you believe it... not just 3 but 3 1/2 years old as Charlie now puts it.  Here he is sporting Mommy's sneakers :-)
Funny but I think he actually does have pretty big feet!  He's has grown about 2" since the last 6 months (now at 98cm or 38 1/2" tall) and probably weighs about 24lbs now.

He's now quite the dancer, singer, and loves to get his face painted!
Lately, I've been asking him if he wants to go to the gym with me or to the cr√®che/nursery to play on his off days. And obviously to the nursery these days because he wants to get his face painted.  'A' for Captain America!  The guy that does it there is getting a lot of practice!

And as for naptime, Charlie is so worried about smudging the paint on this face that he sleeps facing up.  Too funny!
Luckily he didn't mind me wiping it off before soccer today.  I asked him if he wanted his face-paint on or off and he said "Off,... because I don't want to get the paint on my friends.".  How thoughtful!

Don't want to jinx it but Charlie has been very good during drop-off at nursery this past week.  We have set up a new routine where he would go to the window of his classroom (he's on the 1st floor) and once I or Bobby get downstairs by the exit, we would dance and wave and blow kisses.  I have had a few funny smirks from the other moms but whatever to keep Charlie from crying. And so far, it's working quite well.  I wonder how long we have to keep doing this for. Might have to think of some new dance routines :-)

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