Thursday, March 10, 2016

Recent happenings

It's been almost a couple of weeks since the last update. Hmm... let me see what's new!

Instead of the usual Captain America, Charlie is now into... Batman!

And I had a chance to take a photo with a camel the other day.  It was parked at the hotel next to the golf club. So I took to opportunity to pose with it, with my golf bag of course.  Only in Abu Dhabi! :-)

There was a little incident when the boys were showering together the other day.  Who knew the opening of a plastic shampoo bottle could hurt!  Thankfully it wasn't another inch lower!

Graham seemed pretty content with the big bandage!

Graham had to practice a little with his video presentation on "Friction" for school.  Here it is!

And of course, anything Graham does for school, Charlie has to do it too! The early practice will definitely prep Charlie for sure when he starts big school in Sept:

And last but not least, a new color belt for Graham - yellow to orange.  Hiiiiya!

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