Friday, March 18, 2016

Busy Charlie

We recently put up an Art Wall, where the boys can hang their art.  Well, Charlie has been very busy filling it up!
It seems that all of a sudden, he really enjoys drawing!
Here's his handy paint work:
It's a good thing we have all sort of mediums for him to be creative with:
If you're curious what mask he has one, it's... Bumble Bee!  Yes, another toy from a Happy Meal:
Last but not least, there are always Legos.  He built a vehicle for each of us. Too cute!
Charlie has had so much time recently because he's been sick and staying home.  He's been having a runny nose and nagging cough for a couple of weeks now.  Poor fella, but at least he is sleeping better at nights now.  And now, I get to deal with a cough too! BLAH!

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