Sunday, June 28, 2015

Random pics of the week

Let's start with Charlie - he loves pistachios!

And he was busy playing his Leap-pad the other day and it was so funny watching him like this:

Here's the back-view.  Too cute!

Here's another funny moment for Charlie.  I don't know how he even figured this out today!  It's not actually a headband but something from their toy crane!

And I've decided to move the chaise lounge into the corner where Bobby's chair is.  Unfortunately, that meant shifting his chair even more into the corner!  But he hasn't really used his chair as he has taken over my couch, which is how this whole thing started.  I have to say, this is my favorite spot in the house now!

Except when all the cushions are on the floor.  I left for 1 hour (ok, +15 minutes) today for the gym and I came home to this (under Daddy's supervision).  According to Graham, it's an obstacle course for Charlie!

Speaking of working out, I've also been working on my game a lot these days. Figured out my hip turn a few weeks ago and now my shoulder turn last week.  I'm finally getting closer to the sweet spot of the driver!  Good thing those sweet spots are getting larger and larger, thanks to technology:

On another note, I started making my own pie crust.  You know, sometimes too much butter can actually be a bad thing!  The crust was good but not quite the right texture.  Nonetheless, the apple pie won't go to waste.  I still need to work on my lattice work though :-)

It's really too bad there aren't any trampoline places for adults!  Would be fun to work off those calories.  Graham finally had a chance to try out this place yesterday.  Looked like so much fun!

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