Sunday, June 14, 2015

Recent happenings

How is it the boys can't play with their Legos nicely on the table.  Somehow it needs to be spread out ALL OVER the floor!

And here's a new thing with the boys lately - jumping on Bobby as he shouts out an animal.

I'm not exactly sure how it all started but the boys have such a good time with it!

And here's another video, this one of Charlie.  Somehow or rather he discovered that he can move his eye brows.  Kids are so funny sometimes!

On a more serious note, there has been a recent earthquake not too far from my hometown of Kota Kinabalu (in Sabah, Malaysia).  I never thought we could ever experience an earthquake there as it was always known that Malaysia is not on the fault line!  Anyhow, after reading the news, it seems that a few days before the earthquake, there were about 10 tourists that had stripped down naked and peed on the mountain when they reached the peak.  Now why would they do that!  Anyhow, obviously the locals are saying that the Mountain Gods are angry.  No matter - mother nature or the spirits of the mountain, some people ended up not making it down that mountain that day.  I hope people learn this valuable lesson of respect and that we honor the mountain guides - those that helped others to return back from the summit safely and those that unfortunately sacrificed their lives.

I'm hoping to climb the mountain again some day and perhaps Graham and Charlie will too!

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