Thursday, June 4, 2015

Charlie at 2 years 10 months

Here are some pics taken recently of Charlie. Let's start of with sleeping pics, in no particular order:

Yes,.... so tired in the car that he's fallen asleep on in his snack cup!
Charlie fallen asleep on the way to IKEA so he ends up napping in the shopping cart while Mommy roams around the store:
Fast asleep while watching a cartoon/movie at home. I had fallen asleep as well and Charlie was leaning up against me. It was quite tricky to replace myself with the pillow there, but I guess he didn't notice!
And finally, Charlie falling asleep in the foyer.  He had snuck out of his bedroom and was quietly hiding in the foyer while Bobby and I were watching TV one night.  Needless to say, he got tired of waiting:
And when Charlie is not sleeping, he is always fooling around:
He has even learned to sing the UAE National anthem. We have it in a music CD and the boys sing it together while saluting in the car. Very patriotic!
And Charlie loves to sing! Here's the Incy Wincy Spider as they call it here (vs. the Itsy Bitsy Spider):
And there are lots of moments now where he enjoys playing with is brother:
But then again, just as many where he is hitting Graham!  Hopefully someday he will learn.  Charlie sure is the cheekier one, if you can't tell by now!
2 more months and he is moving into the even more terrible 3s!  Charlie is definitely ready for his birthday.  After seeing his brother with cakes and presents, he keeps asking "When is my birthday going to come?".  I'm guessing he's going to want a chocolate cake as well. Charlie loves chocolate!
I suppose who doesn't when you have a spatula full of chocolate frosting! He looks like a little bird. Ha ha!

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