Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy birthday to me!

Another year older and another year closer to 40!!!  Can you tell that I'm freaking out here??!  Well, in any case, I better at least enjoy a nice free meal - a gift voucher from the golf club.  This was sort of a pre-birthday dinner. YUMMY!
Bobby dared me to pick up the lamb chops and eat it like a cave man, and I said "How else would you eat it?" ;-)

Well, the birthday didn't start out that well actually. Both boys decided I need to do extra laundry that morning.  Not one but BOTH boys decided to have "accidents" that morning:

Things were starting to look up when I turned on my computer after that.  Wow... a birthday note from Google!

And then, the boys singing Happy Birthday to me.  So sweet!

I love my birthday card too!

And a really nice one from my in-laws.  I was very touched!

And onto my birthday present.  Yes, boxing gloves! Looks like Bobby read my mind there.  I just started Cardio Boxing classes at the gym a couple of months ago and it's nice to finally have my own personal gloves.  Thank you, honey! :-x  I promise not to "accidentally" beat you up.  He he...

We went to watch a movie later that morning and for lunch, we decided to go to Cheesecake Factory.

Normally there's a line out the door but since we were early, we thought we'd compare it to the chain restaurant back in the US.

Somehow it seems that the servings are even larger here. Is that even possible??? Look at all those avocado in the Avocado roll!

And of course, we couldn't go home without a slice of cheesecake.  We got the Chocolate marshmallow smores.  The melted marshmallow on top of the cake was quite the touch!
It took us 2 days to finish this one slice.  I really wanted Honey Cake but we didn't go to the other mall on my birthday.  Unfortunately, Bobby was still fighting a stomach virus so we stayed in for dinner.  He'll have to make up for it this weekend instead!

And oh... 363 more days to turning 40!!!

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