Thursday, June 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, Bobby (and Graham again!)

We decided to have a little bowling outing for Graham's birthday and coincidentally, it happened on Bobby's birthday. So it all worked out.  Two birthday bashes in one!  Mommy only had to make one cake.  Thankfully, Bobby was not picky about having Spiderman on his cake.  Graham obviously loved it!  Having the Spiderman prop made it a lot easier for me this time:
Transporting the cake was another thing. I was so worried about messing it up after all that decorating (I still need to work on that cake handwriting!).  I knew I should have bought that cake holder container! At that moment in the supermarket, Dhs75 (about USD20) seemed like a lot when aluminium foil is already available at the house!
The boys worked on Bobby's card.  We all tested out the new magic markers that he got for his birthday the week before:
Ok, we're going bowling!!!  Here are his buddies - yes, only 2 of them - Omar (in green) and Seth.  We obviously could have invited more but I figured the ratio of 4 kids to one bowling lane was good. I had to be sure no one would get hurt!
Aaaaand... it wasn't before long until Graham started to cry. No, he didn't hurt himself (although he did pinch his fingers on a bowling ball a while later!). Graham was quietly opening up one of his birthday presents and he got really upset when I caught him in the act!
Kids and bowling balls.  I'm so glad no one dropped any on their foot!
These slides are genius for the kids! I'm glad we were able to get one as there were a lot of kids bowling that day:
The birthday boy was having a good time.  Here he is doing his "walk" after a strike.  Show off!!!
 Selfie time!
 Friends being goofy, along with Bobby too of course:
Here are the boys' scores:
And Bobby a.k.a El Capitan and our friends:
I didn't get to capture the screen before it cleared, but thankfully we had the scores on the right end of the screen. So I just want the record to show that "I win!".  My score was 136 when I bowled with the boys the last time :-)  Perhaps the "split" that Bobby got on the last frame didn't help:
Ok, moving on to lunch and cake!  We ate at a Chinese restaurant just upstairs of the bowling alley. The balcony overlooks the lanes.  The kids were clearly excited about the cake when I took the foil off.  Success! No smearing!
Some party favors for the kids while we waited for the food.  Definitely worth paying for these!
Happy birthday to Bobby and Graham!
Family photo op. Yes, the boys were already sugared up with candy and lollies even before the cake!
Time to open up the presents!  Thank you everyone for all the lovely gifts!
Daddy liked his card too!
The boys all behaved very nicely during meal time.
Time to play with the Spiderman from the cake!
A couple of Graham's teachers came by late but obviously the boys were happy to see them!
A successful birthday party, if I may say so myself.  No injuries and all limbs accounted for!  From the looks of it, someone might get hurt walking around the house instead!
By the way, the boys' new favorite song.... "Everything is awesome!" which is the theme song from the Lego Movie.  I was planning on getting the DVD for Bobby's birthday present but couldn't find it in any of the stores here.  Funny enough, the movie came out on TV the day before his birthday and we now have recorded it on our DVR.  Happy birthday, honey!!! ;-)

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