Sunday, June 21, 2015

Night golf practice

The weather here has been super hot during the day.  I would say, we're normally between 40-45C (104-113F).  And it's humid too!  It was up to 70% today!  It definitely felt like being in Malaysia when we were on the driving range the other night - hot and muggy!

Charlie is still sticking to those plastic clubs for now.  Love how he poses after he hits the ball!

Eventually we're going to need lessons for Graham to get that grip right!

The boys got bored of hitting balls pretty quickly this time.  They were much happier digging in the soil with a ball-mark repair tool:

So sweaty! And dirty!

And thirsty!

I've made some swing changes recently.  A month ago, I saw a video of my golf swing and noticed a quirky "hitch" at the top of the swing.  I guess I've had it for a long time but just didn't realize how bad it was!  Anyhow, after reviewing the video for a bit, I noticed that it was actually my turn on the downswing that was causing it.  Almost a month later now and there's a little progress.  Funny enough, having started Cardio Boxing classes have actually taught me how to use some of my bigger muscles.  Hopefully I'm going down the right path here!  In any case, I'm looking forward to qualifying again for the Sime Darby LPGA in Malaysia. Better get my act together soon!

And oh, I just realized that our TV is web-enabled!  We were able to hook it up to the internet and watch some live golf of the US Open.
The golf course looks amazing!  Looks like Bob and I now have Chambers Bay in WA on our bucket list :-)

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