Sunday, June 14, 2015

Graham graduating from Nursery

Technically, Graham should be completing what they call Foundation Stage FS 2 this June but due to some unexpected twists and turns from the new school last Fall, he ended up being back in a nursery early this year.  It has been such a relief though and we are so excited for him to start back again at a different school next year.  Thankfully he has been adjusting (somewhat) well!

Well, Charlie was quite tired and fell asleep in the car on the way to school.  He decided to continue taking his little nap while we all waited to get into Graham's classroom:

Okay... getting ready!

Somehow, Graham was picked to present the opening lines for the Graduation ceremony.  I suppose he is the oldest in his class!

And then we started with the National Anthem:

Graham is getting quite good at singing other songs in Arabic too!  He can count from 1-10 in Arabic and recite some of the alphabets.  A lot better than me!  Almost one year now in the UAE and so far it's just "hello", "goodbye", and "thank you" in Arabic for me. I had such high hopes in actually learning the language!

Here's to Graham for graduating in the Arabic-English class!  All limbs attached and no injuries to himself or other children in the class these past 6 months :-)

Of course, Charlie wanted to participate as well:

We did end up going to the class party the following day.  Charlie and I tagged along as we don't normally attend school/nursery on a Thursday.  I'm going to miss being able to send both kids to the same school starting next Fall!

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