Saturday, July 11, 2015

One year later in Abu Dhabi

This past July 2nd marked our 1 year anniversary here in Abu Dhabi.  It's amazing how quickly time has flown! It's crazy to think that Charlie was still sleeping in a crib and in diapers when we arrived here and Graham had to jump to reach the light switches here in the apartment.

I think we are definitely getting used to the lifestyle here though.  We obviously now have a whole apartment filled with furniture and the toys just keep accumulating as well.  Graham still mentions Tulsa occasionally.  We definitely still miss our large yard and the greenery.  The summer heat here does not help either but I'm going to start on little projects for the boys very soon here to keep them occupied during the day.  That or just take naps... or learn to balance books on our heads all day and night!

The supermarket by our apartment complex is finally going to open soon and we are still waiting for the playground to open up as well.  That would be really convenient once school starts up again in September.  Hmm... I wonder at what age can I send the boys to go pick up groceries on their own?  Is 5 and 3 years old too soon??? Perhaps we could attach a camera on their caps and send them off under camera surveillance.  Now that's an idea! :-)

My golf has taken quite a turn as well since arriving here in Abu Dhabi.  The gym workouts have really improved my stamina and helped me understand my swing more.  It's funny how I'm only discovering these things with my golf swing after ALL these years of playing professionally!  So despite all the cultural differences that we've had to deal with here in a new country, I would have to say that somehow we were meant to come along this path.

"God works in mysterious ways. Don't question why things happen because the majority of the time, it is a blessing in disguise." ~ Unknown

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