Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Family vacation in Italy (Stresa) - Day 2

We were going to spend Day 2 going up the cable car, but later found out from the concierge of the hotel that it is no longer operational.  Unfortunately, the cable car line needed servicing and no one has yet to sponsor the repairs.  What a shame!  The view would have been so lovely from the top of that mountain!
So instead, we opted to visit the 2 (out of three) islands located not far from town.  Despite the view, Bobby is still on his phone! At least he's got one hand on Charlie:
Graham did really well on the little speed boat.  Perhaps he was more excited about his new toy:
Here's the first island called Isola dei Pescatori or Fisherman's island. Quaint little island!
Somewhat stroller friendly:
Ok, one last hydrangea bloom - I promise!
The boys enjoyed browsing through ALL the souvenir shops:
Hmm.... interesting architecture:
A quick little stop for chips and lemon soda:
Graham and Charlie LOVED throwing rocks into the lake while waiting for the boat:
Onward to the next island - Isola Bella:
There's a botanical garden on one side, but we decided to skip that. Next time! We are really hoping there will be a next time :-)
Here's our little speedboat, by the way:
Again, on his phone with this spectacular backdrop!
Time for some bubbles!  Charlie probably spilled more than half of it during our walk:
Probably better off with the binoculars:
Bobby contemplating about my next move:
Yes, unfortunately - Bella is NOT a very stroller friendly island!
Wait... what was that look again??!?
But wait, gelato fixes everything! :-)
Alrighty, enough for one morning! For whatever reason, Charlie was afraid in the boat going back inland.  Daddy was soaking it all in:
Successful day!
After the quick nap, back into town.  Mommy bought a fan on Fisherman's Island earlier in the day and it came in really handy throughout the entire trip!
All three boys just can't get enough of throwing rocks in the water.  What is up with that??!
A lovely sunset to end the day:
Pridgen family vacation - To be continued...

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