Friday, July 24, 2015

Family vacation - Last of Italy

One more day in Florence and then back to Milan.  We decided to take it easy and just stroll along the streets of Florence.  Somehow or rather, we were entranced by the lady that was embroidering with her machine.  Next thing you know, the boys have these little pouches with their names on it :-)
Mmmmm..... chocolate fountain wall!
Amazing architecture everywhere:
Did I already say AMAZING??!?
Gelato time!
Here's one way to enjoy your gelato - sitting crossed-legged and moving at the same time!
Grandma and Mommy were intrigued by all the little earrings and trinkets in the store while the boys were all over the air conditioning unit:
Back at the restaurant for the chianti-basked steak:
I opted for the grilled dish vs. the pasta, which was good but way too much food!
I think every restaurant needs a little ledge like this for boys to play with their cars!
One last stop for the night for gelato!
Good to the last drop!
One last arch-itecture for the album!  Talk about a HUUUUUGE door!
Next morning, it's time to pack and leave.  I wonder where this doorway leads to?
By the way, this hotel has the most interesting ceiling!
Going to miss Grandma and Pop-pop.  So glad they could join us in Italy!
Another warm day to wait for the train back to Milan.  Thank goodness for some new matchbox cars to keep Charlie entertained:
Hmm... I guess I was wrong about the last gelato yesterday:
These Business class seats on the train back to Milan are awesome!
Well, 9 days in Italy and it was finally time to leave :-(  Yes, the boys are almost always dressed alike for plane rides.  So many people have asked if they are twins:
Finally, a clear day to see the mountains:
I think these boys have it too good in Business class!
At least one of us is paying attention to the safety instruction leaflet:
Charlie loves nuts!
Thank you Daddy for an awesome trip!
So when is the next one??? :-)

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