Thursday, July 23, 2015

Family vacation - Pisa, Italy

Since Pisa wasn't too far from Florence, we decided to venture out there to see the Leaning Tower.  Going with some school team spirit today!
But first... breakfast!
It was a quick 45-minute train ride to Pisa.  Unfortunately, it was so warm while waiting for the train!
And there it is - it really does lean!!!
It's funny how everyone was crowded around the tower and there was hardly anyone by the building and the dome next to it:
Looks like Charlie got a hold of the camera again!
Family photo op!... with a little smudge of the lens of course from Charlie's little fingers:
There wasn't too much else going on around Pisa:
We stopped for a quick little drink while waiting for our taxi (which never did show up!).  I thought it was funny how the menu had catered to tourists:
Always a successful trip when someone falls asleep in the stroller!
Later that evening back in Florence, we decided to try a different restaurant and for whatever reason, Bobby decides to order fried chicken and fries.  Well, he'll never hear the end of this one!
Okay, okay... enough already :-)
After spending almost 3 days in Firenze and probably walking by this same building a few times, I finally noticed some paintings on its facade.  How spectacular!
There was no question about whether we were getting gelato or not.  It was a matter of when!
On the way back to the hotel, it was pretty neat seeing the inside of some of the apartments as the lights were turned on inside.  Amazing architecture and also paintings on the ceilings.  But all the boys noticed where the toy store being closed.
They were obviously very happy that we finally had a chance to see it the next day and what a huge store! And it was so depressing for me and Bob realizing how much more we have been paying for toys in Abu Dhabi compared to in Italy.  Almost twice the price. YIKES!

One more day in Italy! To be continued...

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