Thursday, July 23, 2015

Family vacation - More on Florence, Italy

On our next day in Firenze, I thought I would try something different.  Unfortunately, this fizzy drink was very "different" in the wrong way that I couldn't even finish it!
It was such a great coincidence that the Da Vinci museum was just a few doors down from our hotel:
Graham was so intrigued by so many of the inventions and there were some you could touch and some that you couldn't.  So I was constantly saying "Don't touch" because obviously the boys wanted to touch everything!
There were so many interesting inventions, like this one below: Somehow by turning this spiral looking thing, the water traveled from the bottom bucket to the top.  After seeing it with Grandma and Pop-pop, Graham somehow or rather ended up explaining its concept to a couple of strangers!
More inventions to experiment on!
There was a little area in the museum for the boys to draw and color:
And there were other hands-on activities like this one - how to create an archway, back in the day.  Mommy's attempt... Ta da!
Unlike Mommy, Bobby's attempt was not so successful :-P
The boys had so much fun with the pulley system!
And also being Mona Lisa :-)
Who would have thought that it would take the movie/cartoon Sherman and Mr. Peabody to introduce the boys to Da Vinci and the flying machine and Mona Lisa:
More sightings of the Fiat Panda.  So cute!
A local street market where we ended up buying some leather bags and belts.  Sweet deals!
It took us a while to find an air-conditioned restaurant that opened before 7pm but the search was well worth it.  We were able to cool off and enjoy a great dinner!  Everyone enjoyed the chianti steak that Pop-pop ordered that we had to go back another night:
Diggin' in!
And can't leave Italy without having Tiramisu.  Not quite the traditional cake, so to speak but yummy no less in a bowl!
On the way back to the hotel, the boys loved walking along this ledge of this one particular building:
And... back in the room, watching tv, and jumping around like monkeys again before bedtime!
Looking forward to seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa the next day!

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