Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Family vacation - Day 4... onward to Firenze

It was a quick and easy train ride to Florence.  I think the worst part was trying to get the kids and all the luggage on the train!  So busy!
There were only Premium seats left on the train, not like Bobby was complaining!
Or the boys.  Graham and Charlie were very happy to be in their big seats!
Loved the views of the country side along the way:
A nice and quiet moment of the boys.  Ahhh... I need more of these!
Less than 2 hours on the high-speed train (Red Arrow) and we arrived in Firenze.  I wished all the baggage porters were this nice!  He carried Charlie all the way to the cab stand and you can't see Graham, but he was sitting on top of the luggage.  Sweet!
And once in the hotel room, nothing like jumping around like monkeys!!!  The boys were super-excited to see Grandma and Pop-pop as well.  They flew in from New Jersey into Rome and kudos to Grandma for making her first international flight!
A quick little walk to see what's around our hotel.  Here's the Accademia Gallery, where the statue of David (Michelangelo) is located.  A long line means not today!
We did find this replica by the entrance of the Da Vinci museum.  I think Graham and Charlie were a bit amused by David's naked body:
Nothing like ending the day with another ice-cream.  This time at McD's which was right next door to our hotel!  The boys obviously loved that and loved knowing the fact that there were Happy Meals coming their way:
The next day, we headed towards to Duomo or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.  Another spectacular building!
A view of the dome:
Around the other side, we see the bell tower:
Another long line!
Which means, time for gelato!
It's amazing how many gelatos we had during our trip! The warm days definitely called for it though:
On a side note, I really like this yellow color on the buildings.  Perhaps our next home project :-)
Another look at the front of the Duomo:
A close-up of the picture above the front door.  So intricate and beautiful!
Lovely Firenze... to be continued:

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