Monday, January 6, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Ok, so it's already past the New Year but we have been busy spending time in Phoenix, Arizona that we probably had about 3 Christmases!  We opened some presents in Tulsa before Christmas since we weren't able to bring all our presents to Phoenix.  The boys helped, of course (well,... Charlie tried):
We thought our new storm glass was pretty cool!  Changes in the crystal formations can indicate different types of weather pattern:
Well, off to Phoenix!  Graham has a new mode of transportation:
It doesn't take long for the boys to get into their toys:
Indoors and out!
We had to improvise on the tree :-)
Santa was busy on Christmas eve!
Christmas morning and Graham was quietly opening one of the presents while the rest of us were asleep.  So there was lots of crying before we finally all opened presents as a family:
An obvious theme to the presents:
Can you figure it out yet?
The boys love their excavators!  By the way, did I mention how nice the weather was in Phoenix?
The boys really enjoyed the sunshine:
And Daddy finally got to use the new outdoor grill!  No ham for Christmas, but we did discover broccolini.  YUMMY!
We are starting new family traditions as the years go by!  I think we did start having the boys dress alike when we travel.  Charlie is starting to be quite the traveler now too - here he is saying "hi" to the passenger sitting behind!
When we finally returned back to Tulsa this past Saturday, the Christmas tree was obviously still standing and it didn't take long for Graham to find the switch to turn the lights on!
Quite a Christmas to remember for 2013!  Thanks to all (I mean, Santa) for all the wonderful presents!

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