Friday, January 24, 2014

Refreshing the powder room

Ok, I'm not finished yet with the kitchen but I can only do so much when the boys are asleep!  So I've moved on to the half-bathroom downstairs.  I wanted to give it a more updated look and have come up with a pretty cool idea.  Well, cool for me - so we'll see what you think when I'm done with it!

In the meantime, I've decided to remove the border.  I did a quick research online and someone mentioned using their Shark vacuum.  What an awesome idea!
I guess I was quite lucky with the easy removal. I've seen/heard a few horror stories on those home improvement shows.  Graham was excited with the change:
That beige under the border was the original color of the bathroom.  I had painted it green a few years ago and now, I've decided to repaint it.  Yes, another shade of green!
I didn't want too many shades of green in the house, well just two right now but I figured that was already one too many.  So I went with the same green as the bottom kitchen cabinets.  As you can see it's a little bit lighter.
Tada!  Well, what's funny is the bathroom looks the same despite the new paint. Ha! And the green on the wall doesn't look like the green on the cabinets. It's funny how lighting can affect the color.
Well, like I said... I have an awesome idea for this bathroom. It's going to take some time but hopefully it will look great.  Stay tuned! :-)

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