Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunny Arizona in Dec

It was soooooooooo nice in Arizona for the past 2 weeks, we really didn't feel like coming back to Tulsa.  There was the usual eating - by the way, Charlie discovered that he loves Mac n' Cheese on this trip!
Watching TV on the couch:
Sleeping (new Stuffies for Christmas!)
Standing around:
Scrounging for food:
Our annual visit to Phoenix Zoo lights:
We keep buying those same lights that keep breaking down after a few days.  Why??!
Then, there's the usual trip to the park to feed the ducks.  We obviously need some practice holding hands:
The boys love the ducks!  Charlie kept saying "quack, quack":
Then, Graham does the mad dash to the playground:
While Charlie strolls along behind:
The boys still struggle with the big excavator:  Someday they'll be able to lift those levers!
While in Phoenix, we try and make a trip to the zoo during the day as well.  Time to test out those binoculars that "Santa" bought:
Good effort by Charlie :-)
Still need to practice holding hands!
Meanwhile back at the house, there's "mowing" to be done:
Sitting and looking adorable:
Swinging and trying to keep little brother on the swing:
Poking the fire. Wait... is that a golf club? Seriously??!!
Oh, we can't forget watching TV:
 By the way, Happy New Year!
Yes, starting another new tradition for the New Year meal.  Yummy broccolini!
Charlie was asleep when we were eating so when he finally awoke, he got to start his meal with homemade holiday shortbread:
As usual, we can't forget reading:
Or just plain being silly:
Never a dull moment with the boys!

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