Friday, January 24, 2014

Kitchen update - Part 2

Thankfully there were no more drawer pull disasters after my first attempt.  Not perfect but good enough by my standard :-)
And now, onward with the upper cabinets.  I did not realize that the paint that I had bought way back in November was an eggshell sheen.  The one I had used for the bottom cabinets was quite specific for kitchen and bath called soft gloss enamel.  Oh well, there shouldn't be that much "traffic" with the upper cabinets and with the new knobs installed, hopefully there won't be too many fingerprints on the cabinets themselves!

So, here we go again! Here's the before:
And after:
The difference is not that dramatic but trust me, it looks a lot cleaner. And I do like having the knobs and after a few days with the freshly painted bottom cabinets, I have fallen in love with those drawer cups/pulls - they are awesome!  Every drawer should have one!

I still have the cabinets on the other (sink) side to finish up.  I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of it in the garage. And come to find out - flower pots and buckets are just as good to set the cabinets up for painting! Who knew!

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