Thursday, January 30, 2014

Powder room update

The powder room is all done!  Well, I still have a few minor things to do, but for the most part it's got a brand new look.  Ready...?
Yup, it started with an owl.  Charlie is excited about it! And then, add a branch:
And then, some leaves and another branch:
And more leaves:
Almost done...
Just some final touches:
I'm glad Bobby didn't freak out when he opened the bathroom door today.  He actually liked it! And I think the new decor will encourage the boys to use the potty too :-)
Just a few more touch-ups here and there and perhaps a couple more birdhouses.  And then, urgh, I still have to finish painting the other cabinets (on the sink side) and then, I can't wait to fix up our laundry room! There are just shoes and more shoes everywhere! How many pairs of shoes does one person actually need??!?

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