Saturday, January 11, 2014

Charlie's first haircut

We finally decided to take Charlie for his first haircut.  I think it's gotten quite long enough!
Our little hippie!  Look how long his little ponytail is!
Unfortunately, the trip didn't work out as well as I'd like.  Instead of one crying kid, we had two!  Yes, Graham was getting his hair cut as well and he did not like it either.  Even a toy was not going to help:
Poor Charlie was shaking by the end of it, according to Bobby:
But all was well once we got our cookie!
It's crazy what a cookie can do!
And the toy isle.  The boys love their toys!  Thankfully we were able to walk away with buying something.  Phew!
Well, hopefully our next hair cut will not be as dramatic.  Perhaps we could have cut the boys' hair out in the yard today since the sun is out and it's nice and actually warm!  Oh well...
By the way, Grandma - your grandson's first locks are coming your way! :-)

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