Thursday, January 30, 2014

Outdoor fun

It was so nice last weekend when the temperature got up to the mid 60s!  And it was even better when the sun was out. We started out in the morning with the kite:
Bobby caught Mommy in her finest moment - when she loses her shoe!
And then, it was Graham's turn. Eventually we'll teach him to actually watch the kite when he flies it!
And then, during the boys' naptime, we tackled our pine tree.  Well, when we say "we" I meant Bobby :-)
I think our poor pine tree has gone through one too many ice storms.  Here's Bobby showing off when the final limb came down.
And while Bobby was trying to figure out how to take the trunk down, there was a sighting of a couple of hawks. How cool is that!
Well, it didn't take too long for the trunk to come down. By the way, that trunk was heavy!
I hope the boys don't trip over the stump. Now with the tree gone, Graham has lost his "pee-pee" tree. He's going to have to find another one in the yard!

And here's the rest of the afternoon - Charlie trying to pedal Graham's tricycle.  He can't really reach the pedals yet so he just scoots along with his legs.
Graham playing street hockey with his daddy:
Charlie moving on to the electric ATV.  He'll need to practice his steering!
And then, some golf:
Ok, not really.  Some T-ball instead.  He'll slowly but surely getting the idea.  We're working on swatting vs. swinging:
Graham is now able to hit a few balls when you throw the ball to him. Very exciting!

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