Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice storm

Well, tis' the season for ice storms!  It started raining Friday night and by Saturday morning, everything was all iced over!  Check out the ice on the shrub:
And here's our pine tree out front. It lost one branch yesterday:
And two more branches today!
And who needs icicle lights when you have real ones!
Looks like we're going to lose this pine tree on the side of the house.  Poor thing!  This tree had already lost the top of its truck about 5 years ago in another ice storm, prior to us moving into this house:
And this pine tree... "How LOW can you go???"
Bobby was out working in the yard cleaning up and noticed these trees up the street.  Wow!  I guess we're lucky that we still have power in our neighborhood!
So what do you do on icy days?  We stay home and play the piano, of course :-)
That was yesterday and unfortunately, today - Charlie was having a tough day with a fever.  So it was snuggle time with Mommy on the lounger chair with the boo-boo pack (thank you, Grandma!) on the forehead.
And once Charlie was back upstairs for his nap, it was Graham's turn with Mommy.  Mmm... yummy banana bread!
And then, not too long after that... another Charlie-and-Mommy session with the boo-boo pack on the forehead.  Looks like no break for Mommy!  
And Bobby always wonders why I stay up so late at night for "me" time!  

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